Dedicated Education Unit

Tamahere Eventide and WINTEC operate a Dedicated Education Unit for term 3 nursing students in a supportive environment to maximize the students experience in an aged care rest home care, dementia care and community settings. The DEU is also supported by the Professional Development Unit of the Waikato DHB.

A DEU is a pre-existing clinical unit, such as a hospital ward or community clinic, that is developed to provide an optimal teaching and learning environment for students through the collaboration of the ward staff and the lecturers from the Department of Nursing and Health.

All staff in a DEU have a strong focus on teaching and learning and both unit staff and students are assisted and supported by an appointed Clinical Liaison Nurse (CLN) and Academic Liaison Nurse (ALN).

The CLN, a senior nurse seconded from the unit, is the key contact for students, responsible for the coordination of the student experience, orientation, and staff support in partnership with the ALN. The ALN provides academic advice, integrates theory and practice with students, coordinates assessment and provides a key link between theory and practice.

NetP Programme

Tamahere Eventide provides for two new nurse to practice placements on a 14 months contract.

During this period the nurse is exposed to and work in rest home care, dementia care and our retirement village community. This is a great learning opportunity for new nursing graduates with an interest in the demanding field of aged care where a nurse is required to have a wide variety of skills and knowledge.

The new graduate nurse is supported into the workplace and do post grad studies. Permanent employment into aged care is supported on completion of this programme.

WINTEC Post Grad link:

Elderly Care & Retirement Village

Professional caring service

We love providing a community that cares for the total needs of our aged care residents, ina warm-hearted and high-quality environment. With residential care facilities ranging from resthome care to independent living, all our practices seek to value our elderlyclients and their families. Situated in the heartland of New Zealand, atTamahere, Waikato, we welcome you to Tamahere Eventide.

Christian values

All that we do at Tamahere Eventide is grounded on our Christian beliefs. At ourcore is the belief that we all possess an intrinsic dignity, as humans createdand valued by an all-loving God. We aim to practice this care, value and lovein all of our practices with our residents, affirming the meaning, dignity andbeauty of old age.

Spiritual needs

We provide holistic care for our elderly residents, including providing for theirspiritual
needs. With an accessible chapel and our caring, onsite chaplain, we assistour Eventide community in having their spiritual-needs met.


From concerts to choirs, bingo to bowling – Tamahere Eventide has a range of regularactivities to foster community and keep body and mind active. We encourage allour residents to engage with our activities and continue their learning andlaughter with us.

Quality medical care

Our medical team of general practitioners and nurse practitioners provide a regularand timely service to our Tamahere Eventide residents. Wealso provide for an on-site periodic medical service for our village residents.

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