Our Values

Quality Care with Christian Values

Our heartbeat is to provide a quality caring service for older people, in a loving Christian environment. This value permeates everything we do and say, and is our goal for all our staff. As a values-based community, Tamahere Eventide further expresses its values in our Philosophy of Aged Care. These beliefs are our non-negotiables and help create the atmosphere of care that we are proud of.

Our Philosophy of Aged Care is:

  • We believe that the whole of life, from birth to death, has meaning andpurpose. Old age is an intrinsic part of all the previous years that a personhas lived. 
  • We believe that every person, including the very old and frail, is created inthe image of God, possesses an innate dignity, loved by God and that there isnothing in life or death that can separate usfromthat love.
  • We provide for elderly people regardless of race, culture and creed. 
  • We seek within the limitations of our resources, to provide assistance to thosein need regardless of their capacity to pay. 
  • We believe that the physically and mentally frail are to be provided withspecial care and consideration and treated with dignity and respect. 
  • We aim to provide maximum independence.
  • Where possible, we encourage residents to make decisions and choices,which affect their life.
  • We express a concern for the wholeness of the person by providing anenvironment that meets the needs of the whole person – physical, mentalemotional and spiritual
  • We respect individual needs and preferences, encouraging participation inprogrammes and activities whilst allowing residents freedom of choice.
  • We ensure that adequate resources are provided so that every resident in ourHome has access to the health care they require.
  • As staff our aim is tocreate in this Home, a family atmosphere in which we value, care about andsupport one another.

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