Tamahere Eventide & Atawhai Assisi



The opening took place on 30 July 2020 with Naomi Jack (on behalf of Neville Jack) opening the Hospital (Nikau Wing) of 24 premium hospital beds and George Diprose opening the Harakeke Apartments. The ceremony was guided by Kaumatua Te Atutahi Riki, Fred Haimona and local representatives. The project was financed by Christian Savings.

Website for Christian Savings:   https://www.christiansavings.co.nz/

Level 1 - Visitor arrangements as from 10 June 2020

Visitors from 10.30 am

i.      Visitors welcome without appointment,

ii.      Tamahere Eventide visitors enter through either Main reception area or Cherry Lane reception entrance.

iii.      Atawhai Assisi visitors enter through Main entrance or Hospital entrance.

iv.      Visitors register sign-in required for contact tracing & temperature taken.

v.      Overseas visitors allowed after 14 days and/or use of full PPE

v.i      No visitors with any cold or flu symptoms allowed.

vii.      Preference that visitors use the lounges for visits. 

Other matters:

1. Entertainment and Church services resume

2. Residents allowed to go off site with family/NOK

3. Respite Care resume

4. Day Programme starting at Tamahere Eventide on 15/6/2020 and Atawhai Assisi on 22/6/2020

Mission Statement:

To provide a quality caring service for older people,
in a Christian environment.

Professional Caring Service

We love providing a community that cares for the total needs of our aged care residents, in a warm-hearted and high-quality environment. With residential care facilities ranging from rest home care to independent living, all our practices seek to value our elderly clients and their families. Situated in the heartland of New Zealand, at Tamahere, Waikato, we welcome you to Tamahere Eventide.

Christian Values

All that we do at Tamahere Eventide is grounded on our Christian beliefs. At our core is the belief that we all possess an intrinsic dignity, as humans created and valued by an all-loving God. We aim to practice this care, value and love in all of our practices with our residents, affirming the meaning, dignity and beauty of old age.

Our Philosophy of Aged Care

  • We believe that the whole of life, from birth to death, has meaning and purpose. Old age is an intrinsic part of all the previous years that a person has lived.

  • We believe that every person, including the very old and frail, is created in the image of God, possesses an innate dignity, loved by God and that there is nothing in life or death that can separate us from that love.

  • We provide for elderly people regardless of race, culture and creed.

  • We seek within the limitations of our resources, to provide assistance to those in need regardless of their capacity to pay.

  • We believe that the physically and mentally frail are to be provided with special care and consideration and treated with dignity and respect.

  • We aim to provide maximum independence.

  • Where possible, we encourage residents to make decisions and choices, which affect their life.

  • We express a concern for the wholeness of the person by providing an environment that meets the needs of the whole person – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

  • We respect individual needs and preferences, encouraging participation in programmes and activities whilst allowing residents freedom of choice.

  • We ensure that adequate resources are provided so that every resident in ourHome has access to the health care they require.

  • As staff our aim is to create in this Home, a family atmosphere in which we value, care about and support one another.

Dedicated Education Unit

Tamahere Eventide & Atawhai Assisi and WINTEC operate a Dedicated Education Unit for term 3 nursing students in a supportive environment to maximize the students experience in an aged care rest home care, dementia care and community settings.

A DEU is a pre-existing clinical unit, such as a hospital ward or community clinic, that is developed to provide an optimal teaching and learning environment for students through the collaboration of the ward staff and the lecturers from the Department of Nursing and Health.


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